(j3.2006) [MPI3 Fortran] Feedback from Fortran J3 meeting

Aleksandar Donev donev1
Sat May 31 21:04:59 EDT 2008

Dan Nagle wrote:
> Should the compiler allow the program to read or write
> the buffer variable before or after the call?
The compiler should not do anything about it---it is the programmer's 
duty to not reference/define the variable in a segment where it is being 
externally/asynchronously read/written.
In other words, the compiler should not try to enforce anything--if the 
program is illegal it will be compiled but it won't always work right.
If you actually want some form of compile checking, please come up with 
a workable design that can be implemented in compilers easily. Otherwise 
I am not quite sure what you are even thinking of.

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