(j3.2006) [MPI3 Fortran] Feedback from Fortran J3 meeting

Dan Nagle dannagle
Fri May 30 18:45:05 EDT 2008


On May 30, 2008, at 6:41 PM, Aleksandar Donev wrote:

> On Friday 30 May 2008 15:34, Dan Nagle wrote:
>> How will a compiler know whether the "asynchronous" attribute
>> means "don't touch" before or after the call?
> Please explain what "don't touch" means? The only thing the compiler  
> needs to
> do is to place a barrier for memory references to the said variable  
> at the
> CALL site. So I don't know what the compiler is touching here and why.

Should the compiler allow the program to read or write
the buffer variable before or after the call?

The send/recv case differs from the wait case,
that doesn't even mention the buffer variable.


Dan Nagle

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