(j3.2006) liaison with H2

Dan Nagle dannagle
Wed May 28 18:52:48 EDT 2008


INCITS insists that I be re-potty-trained,
and the chosen date is June 9.  Since I'll
be downtown anyway, I'll settle the H2 issue
then, if I can.

I propose to take a "fix it or forget it" line.

In sum, I believe the current binding is broken because:

It relies on fixed format.

It ignores interoperability with C,
and doesn't use modules, nor inheritance.

The least I'll take as agreeable is to jointly write a module.
If H2 won't agree to fix the binding, I'll end the liaison.

If anyone objects to this line, please advise
prior to June 9.



Dan Nagle

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