(j3.2006) [MPI3 Fortran] Feedback from Fortran J3 meeting

Aleksandar Donev donev1
Wed May 28 14:48:19 EDT 2008

On Wednesday 28 May 2008 11:42, Bill Long wrote:
> If vendors are currently getting it "wrong", how is it possible that so
> many people are using MPI today? ?I'm yet to be convinced there is a
> real problem.
It is not about vendors---it is about programmers, that have to use hacks to 
get their codes to port to a different platform/compiler or to get them to 
not fail mysteriously only under certain conditions, not noticed for a long 
time. Just because they use MPI does not mean that they use it transparently 
(no hacks that no one else can understand and maintain), portably, safely, 
and with modern Fortran.

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