(j3.2006) [MPI3 Fortran] Feedback from Fortran J3 meeting

Keith Bierman khbkhb
Wed May 28 13:11:52 EDT 2008

On May 28, 2008, at 10:56 AM   5/28/, Craig Rasmussen wrote:

> I wonder how C does this?  What are the rules for code motion in C?
> I'll ask around.
Highly prescribed by their Standard. Fortran's advantage has been  
much more latitude to the optimizer.

While the Committee has always preferred to design more generic  
solutions, MPI is an important special case ... it might just be a  
lot easier to have an optional part of the Standard which puts MPI in  
as special modules ... then it's up to the implementors to "do it  
right" rather than trying to describe all the right behaviors in a  
processor and OS agnostic manner consistent with the "abstract  
Fortran machine" (I know, we don't have those words, but we have the  
concept ;>).

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