(j3.2006) liaison with H2

Dan Nagle dannagle
Tue May 27 07:58:56 EDT 2008


I have been in contact with the Chair of H2.
In short, H2 would like to continue the liaison with J3,
on the grounds of their Fortran binding.

This binding has a number of properties that are not good,
from a Fortran point of view:

1. It relies on a preprocessor and applies to fixed-format only.

2. It ignores interoperability with C, where C may have a more
    up-to-date binding.

3. It ignores modules, which are the preferred means of specifying
    a Fortran binding.

4. It ignores the object-oriented features of Fortran, which are
    likely useful for database access.

In light of the above, if H2 is unwilling to modernize
their Fortran binding, I would like to end the liaison
regardless of H2's preferences.  The binding is simply too obsolete
for any future consideration, and refusal to modernize it
implies, to me, a lack of interest.

By "modernize" I mean "rewrite as an (optional) module".  Of course,
I'm very open to other interpretations.  :-)

Does anyone disagree?

Does anyone know of an implementation of the SQL binding for Fortran?



Dan Nagle

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