(j3.2006) Finalizing subroutines question

Toon Moene toon
Fri May 23 16:47:12 EDT 2008

Michael Ingrassia wrote:

>> So far, very few users 
>> have  been writing final subroutine.
> Remind me again why it is important to deliver Fortran 2008 on time
> when users are not yet using Fortran 2003 ?   8)
> Seriously, we could permit ourselves a few worries about whether
> final subroutines integrate well with coarrays given that we don't yet
> have experience to whether we got integration with arrays correct !

That's nothing !  I was today in an e-mail conversation with one of my 
colleagues at Meteo France, who assured me that they still have to deal 
with compilers that do not implement TR 15581.

It's my opinion that a Technical Report, written 12 years ago *and so 
popular*, should be implemented by every compiler writer by now.

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