(j3.2006) Finalizing subroutines question

Michael Ingrassia michaeli
Fri May 23 15:29:38 EDT 2008

>Really?  I thought it was only when the type of the variable has a final 
>routine specified.  f03:[59:33-34].

Actually, I think there is a difference between having a final routine specified
and being finalizable.  A type is finalizable if a component has
a final routine specified, or a component of a component has a final
routine specified., etc. 

If you build your coarrays completely from the part of your type forest
that have no finalizers, you can avoid finalization completely, but using
any one little building block (maybe a varying string with a finalizer?) 
which needs finalization would seem to create the need to finalize
coindexed objects.   Presumably if the little pieces need finalization
you'd actually like that to work as designed.

	--Michael I.

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