(j3.2006) Is the SIZE intrinsic definition correct?

Robert Corbett Robert.Corbett
Sun May 18 01:59:54 EDT 2008

Dick Hendrickson wrote:

> Is the definition ARRAY argument of the SIZE intrinsic correct?
> 13.7.155 says
> "ARRAY shall be a scalar or array of any type"
> but all of the discussion and examples only refer to
> case where ARRAY is an array.
> The definition in the chapter 2 glossary says
> 2.1.101
> size
> of an array, the total number of elements in the array
> Which also seems to imply that only arrays have a size.

It was not allowed to be a scalar in Fortran 2003.  If it is
an intentional extension, it is poorly specified and useless
(I can think of easier ways to get the integer value 1).

Bob Corbett

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