(j3.2006) J3 Fortran interp letter ballot #17 - due 25-Jul-2008

Craig Rasmussen crasmussen
Tue Jun 24 15:59:02 EDT 2008

The following Fortran interpretations are being balloted:

Yes  No   Number    Title

-Y--  ---  F95/0074  TARGET dummy arguments and POINTER expressions
-Y--  ---  F95/0102  mask-expr evaluated only once
-Y--  ---  F03/0049  Separators in list-directed output involving
-Y--  ---  F03/0071  Subroutine/function ambiguity in generics
-Y--  ---  F03/0073  C interop of dummy procedures
-Y--  ---  F03/0074  Type mismatch for C character arguments
-Y--  ---  F03/0075  C interop of derived types with array components
-Y--  ---  F03/0076  Scope of Fortran names of procedures with binding
-Y--  ---  F03/0077  LBOUND of array structure component
-Y--  ---  F03/0081  F edit descriptor with field width 0
-Y--  ---  F03/0082  VALUE in place of INTENT for pure procedure dummy
-Y--  ---  F03/0087  Entry names as dummy procedure arguments
-Y--  ---  F03/0098  Does allocate with source= define subcomponents?
-Y--  ---  F03/0112  attributes allowed for dummy arguments in defined
-Y--  ---  F03/0117  STOP executed via function in input/output list


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