(j3.2006) Public Comment J32002

Michael Ingrassia michaeli
Wed Jun 18 14:28:19 EDT 2008

Stan raises some good points.

>I have questions about our F08 public comment process
Thank goodness you did not submit them to f2008-ballot-comments-ext at sun.com !
We might have a nasty recursion on our hands.

>Why is the comment number J3200n?
The tracking number is by intention completely opaque and arbitrary.
It works best if the number is completely unique and doesn't appear in any
context other than this public comment process.  "J31" is reserved for
legacy purposes.

>J32002 came to me as a uuencoded embedded file.  This is not the way J3 does mail attachments
Thanks for the feedback.  I will avoid attachments completely from now on.

>J32003 is 08-211.  I was surprised to see Van start a dialog with
>Tobias about his comment.  I thought proposed answers to comments would
>be drafted and debated by J3 as a whole.
I would be happy to follow the direction of the committee.
Does the committee prefer me to strip email addresses of commenters
before posting their public comment, or include them?  
To my knowledge we have never explicitly promised our
commenters that their identities would be anonymized (if that's a word).
If there is a privacy policy that spells out how this should be handled for
INCITS I am not yet aware of it.

>We need some convention so we can keep track of the debates.
Obviously, it's ok with me to quote the public tracking number whenever it's

	--Michael I.

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