(j3.2006) Public Comment J32002

Whitlock, Stan stan.whitlock
Wed Jun 18 09:44:48 EDT 2008

I have questions about our F08 public comment process:
  -  Why is the comment number J3200n?  I was expecting "F2008 public
comment 0001" etc.  What is the "2" there for?

  -  J32001 is 08-209 from DeLisle.  J32002 is 08-210 that Michael
couldn't post to the J3 web site.  Why are comments in .pdf files?  I
expected pure text.

  - J32002 came to me as a uuencoded embedded file.  This is not the way
J3 does mail attachments.  The spreadsheet came through with J32003 as
unreadable uuencoded too.  Please don't tell me the freeware tool I
should use to decode this mess - attachments should be attached files
that standard stuff like MS Outlook can handle.

  - J32003 is 08-211.  I was surprised to see Van start a dialog with
Tobias about his comment.  I thought proposed answers to comments would
be drafted and debated by J3 as a whole.

  - In the conversation that Van is having with Tobias {who responded},
there is no mention of the public comment number, like in the subject.
We need some convention so we can keep track of the debates.


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