(j3.2006) notice of public comments for f08

Dan Nagle danlnagle
Thu Jun 5 13:05:55 EDT 2008


I posted this to comp.lang.fortran
and to the fortran 90 mailing list.

Please recall 08-193 for details.

> Hello,
> You may submit a public comment on the committee draft
> of the proposed Fortran 2008 standard by sending an email
> to f2008-ballot-comments-ext at sun.com
> If you are outside the USA, you may prefer to comment
> through your national body.  You are welcome
> to comment to J3.
> The draft may be downloaded from J3's web site
> at www.j3-fortran.org as 08-007r2.pdf
> or from WG5's web site at n1723.pdf
> or from INCITS's web site at pl22.3.incits.org
> as SC22 N4319.
> Public comments may be submitted from 2008 June 6
> until 2008 July 6.  J3 will act on comments
> at its August 2008 meeting.


Dan Nagle

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