(j3.2006) INCITS mischief

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Mon Jul 28 21:43:29 EDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-06-09 at 14:40 -0400, Dan Nagle wrote:

> As of some future Doomsday, J3 can no longer have its own
> web site.  We must use INCITS.

Can we just use their web site for the notice, agenda, and minutes, and
continue to use our own for everything else?  How can they stop us?

> I felt ducking and pleading ignorance later was better
> than asking now.

It's frequently easier to get forgiveness than permission.

> In order to have a Friends of J3 list, we must specifically
> vote on it at a meeting.

Do we need to do this at 185, or can we wait until INCITS forces our
mail onto their server?

BTW, how can they force us not to use the GMU mail server?  Could we use
their server only for meeting notices and mail ballots?

> There's a new specific format for votes on ISO matters.
> Failure to use the new format means our vote will not count
> (and we'll be listed as "not voting").  This one is Van's headache,
> not mine.  :-)

I have the new format for ballot comments, but I don't have anything
special for votes.  Do you have it?


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