(j3.2006) derived types with type parameters are different

Aleksandar Donev donev1
Mon Jul 28 20:03:46 EDT 2008

On Monday 28 July 2008 10:41, Bill Long wrote:

> In this case, I
> assumed Bob wanted to see if the compilers would catch the errors.
Well, Aleks wants to see what the standard actually says. Bob raised a 
question, and I have not seen a clear answer for the non-KIND case, only "we 
don't want to change what we've implemented". Well, no one has asked for a 
change to the implementation, but a clarification along the lines of "what is 
the intention in the standard", if any?

> This one compiled and output:
When you change the parameters to be LENgth instead of KIND (throughout the 
example), does it compile, and what does it give? I honestly have no access 
to the Cray compiler (that I know of :-), so it is a question, not a proposal 
to change anything.


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