(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3591) Assumed-type and Assumed-rank extensions for C Interop TR.

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> Aleks did say "like doing".  Modifying the rules for pointer assignment 
> is not in the paper.  Variables of type(*) are not allowed in that 
> context. We already have the c_f_pointer option, and I was intentional 
> in trying to minimize the impact on other parts of the standard in the 
> TR.  If we wanted to add the pointer assignment rule changes in a future 

> standard revision, the would be possible.  But it's not necessary to get 

> the needed functionality. (Unless I missed something, which is 

The basic problem is Fortran side can not use this type directly.  If the 
procedure is defined in Fortran for C, then how can a Fortran programmer 
"map" this dummy argument to real Fortran data type.  This is similar to 
CLASS(*) case, in which we have select type construct, or data pointer 
assignment to deal with that situation.  It seems to me TYPE(*) needs to 
be allowed in data pointer assignment as the target in order to achieve 
this purpose.


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