(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3592) RE: Assumed-type and Assumed-rank extensionsfor C Interop TR.

Whitlock, Stan stan.whitlock
Thu Jul 24 20:38:08 EDT 2008


I like both TYPE(*) and DIMENSION(::).  We used a directive to ignore
rank in the IEEE intrinsic module routines and we have an ignore TKR
directive.  But I don't want the standard to get into the directives
game.  I know this will be a useful extension to the TR.  

In "In the association of actual and dummy arguments, a assumed-type
argument is type and kind compatible with any actual argument.", we have
to be sure to rule out procedure actual arguments.


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At the last J3 meeting there was discussion about how to better 
interoperate with C functions that have void * arguments. This was 
mainly in the context of cooperation with the MPI committee that is 
trying to design a better Fortran interface module for the MPI library.

However, the basic issue is wider than just MPI.

Debate in May narrowed down the list of options to 3 (see paper 
08-185r1).  Attached is a draft of a proposal for one of these options, 
somewhat expanded. This was the option that, at least to me, seemed to 
have the fewest vocal opponents.

The original mandate for the TR did not include a feature like this, so 
the first question is whether WG5 supports this addition. 

Comments on the proposal itself are also welcome.  The MPI folks prefer 
adding this feature to the TR rather than making this part of the Base 
f08, on the grounds that a vendor could implement the TR as an addition 
to f03, as it does not depend on any of the new f08 features. This would

enable earlier access. 

As before, fell free to solicit input from others not on the WG5 list.


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