(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3589) [2205jp 1510] OPTIONAL arguments and C interop

TAKATA Masayuki takata
Wed Jul 16 20:16:47 EDT 2008


Why didn't you couple each hidden flag with the corresponding optional argument 
to form a struct?


At 08/07/16 15:36 -0500, Bill Long wrote:
> 2) The idea of specifying extra hidden arguments for any reason is 
> abhorrent.  You end up with a situation where the Fortran interface and 
> the C prototype do not correspond even in the number of arguments.  
> Further, if you have an interface with many optional arguments, 
> intermixed with hundreds of nonoptional arguments, keeping track of 
> which flags go with which arguments (which the C user has to do 
> manually) becomes unmaintainable.  Hidden arguments are fine as long as 
> they are always hidden.  When you have to expose them, they are a bad idea.

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