(j3.2006) Public Comment J32037

Aleksandar Donev donev1
Mon Jul 14 12:49:21 EDT 2008

Some personal comments on some of the comments:
> Commenter's Subject was "The g0 edit descriptor"  <snip>
> To me this eliminates any value the g0 feature might
> have.  What's needed is something like list-directed
> output but with the precision controlled by the
> programmer.
I don't get this at all. If it is list-directed, the beauty is that the 
compiler decides the precision based on the item. If the programmer has 
to think about it then the he/she already has 1001 different formats 
with full control of precisions etc. The point of g0 was "the compiler 
shall do the right thing", notably, it is assumed the QofI will ensure that:
 > an input item will have the
> same internal value as the original value that was
> output

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