(j3.2006) please update 08-252 to contain the name of the submitter of the F08 public comment

Michael Ingrassia michaeli
Wed Jul 9 16:06:14 EDT 2008

>Please revise paper 08-252 to include the name of the submitter for each
>F08 public comment we received.

I would be happy to do that, 
but I did not because I am not sure what the relevant law is.  

According to    http://www.out-law.com/page-4759 
for example, 'all commercial web sites that collect "personally identifiable
information" from users in California must now have a conspicuous
privacy policy on their web sites'.
So far as I know, no one who submitted a comment to 
f2008-ballot-comments-ext at sun.com had access to a privacy policy that
would spell out that their name would be exposed on the web site; in fact,
the official reply to their comments didn't even mention the web site.

Dan or Van, can we get a brief note from INCITS in writing that would let us
proceed with more confidence?  Failing that, I can write to the 
comment submitters (there are six different individuals) to advise them
that our website will expose their names.  

	--Michael I.

P.S.  If it proves necessary to maintain anonymity of commenters then
would the librarian please remove papers 08-209.txt, 08-210.txt, and
08-211.txt from the website.  (The r1 versions can remain.)


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