(j3.2006) please update 08-252 to contain the name of the submitter of the F08 public comment

Whitlock, Stan stan.whitlock
Wed Jul 9 15:39:41 EDT 2008



Please revise paper 08-252 to include the name of the submitter for each
F08 public comment we received.


Thanks                                      /Stan



To: J3

From: Michael Ingrassia

Subject: summary of public comments

Date: 2008 July 08


Tracking                Date

number  Paper number   received Topic

J32001  08-209r1.txt       06-08    NEWUNIT= specifier and NEWUNIT value

J32002  08-210r1.txt       06-10    Conversions between different
character kinds

J32003  08-211r1.txt       06-16    BESSEL_YN and BESSEL_JN intrinsic

J32004  08-218.txt          07-02    F2008 too early

J32005  08-219.txt          07-03    Coarrays should be optional

J32006  08-220.txt          07-03    Restore the restrictions on
internal procedures

J32007  08-221.txt          07-03    the official interpretations should
be examined

J32008  08-222.txt          07-03    generic resolution

J32009  08-223.txt          07-03    File position and the left tab

J32010  08-224.txt          07-03    constraint C542

J32011  08-225.txt          07-03    define entity

J32012  08-226.txt          07-03    attributes

J32013  08-227.txt          07-03    additional intrinsic functions

J32014  08-228.txt          07-03    definition of vector subscript

J32015  08-229.txt          07-03    assumed constraints for names

J32016  08-230.txt          07-03    advice regarding additional
intrinsics ignores

J32017  08-231.txt          07-03    typographical error in CMPLX

J32018  08-232.txt          07-03    imprecise description of

J32019  08-233.txt          07-03    undue claims concerning

J32020  08-234.txt          07-03    constraint C538

J32021  08-235.txt          07-03    Allow compatible specific

J32022  08-236.txt          07-03    allow multiple generic interfaces

J32023  08-237.txt          07-03    zeros and sign control

J32024  08-238.txt          07-03    pick a model of generic intrinsics

J32025  08-239.txt          07-03    types declared to be PRIVATE

J32026  08-240.txt          07-03    implicit typing should not be
allowed in derived

J32027  08-241.txt          07-03    definition is poorly defined

J32028  08-242.txt          07-03    the EXTERNAL attribute

J32029  08-243.txt          07-03    Fix error in type equivalence

J32030  08-244.txt          07-03    derived-type equivalence

J32031  08-245.txt          07-03    equivalence of circular types

J32032  08-246.txt          07-06    New intrinsic procedures

J32033  08-247.txt          07-06    LEADZ and TRAILZ

J32034  08-248.txt          07-06    CRITICAL and BLOCK

J32035  08-249.txt          07-06    IMPURE ELEMENTALs

J32036  08-250.txt          07-06    Submodules

J32037  08-251.txt          07-06    The g0 edit descriptor

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