(j3.2006) Public Comment J32037

Michael Ingrassia michaeli
Tue Jul 8 20:35:01 EDT 2008

To: J3
From: Michael Ingrassia
Subject: Public Comment J32037
Date: 2008 July 08

Commenter's Subject was "The g0 edit descriptor"

According to the draft document:

  C1007 (R1006) For the G edit descriptor, d shall be
   specified if and only if w is not zero.

To me this eliminates any value the g0 feature might
have.  What's needed is something like list-directed
output but with the precision controlled by the

For example, in order for an input item to have the
same internal value as the original value that was
output, the output must generally carry at least 9
digits (for IEEE single precision).

If the ability to specify d were present, G would
probably become my main output edit descriptor.  I was
looking forward to g0 before I found that it wasn't
allowed a d part.


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