(j3.2006) Public Comment J32024

Michael Ingrassia michaeli
Tue Jul 8 20:27:58 EDT 2008

To: J3
From: Michael Ingrassia
Subject: Public Comment J32024
Date: 2008 July 08

Commenter's Subject was "pick a model of generic intrinsics"

The draft standard appears to use two distinct models
of generic intrinsics in different contexts.  One
model is that a generic intrinsic is like a user
defined generic except that the sets of specific
intrinsic procedures associated with some generic
intrinsics are infinite sets.  The language of
constraint C542 in Section 5.3.11 clearly reflects
that model.  The other model is that there are no
specific intrinsic procedures associated with a
generic intrinsic.  Under that model, the generic
intrinsic does not function as a surrogate for a
set of specific intrinsics, a reference of a generic
intrinsic is resolved against the generic intrinsic
itself.  That model appears to be the model in effect
in the rules for generic resolution in Section
Either model could describe the semantics of generic
intrinsics.  Using both models adds unnecessary


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