(j3.2006) J3 & OWG-V

Dan Nagle danlnagle
Wed Jul 2 16:17:22 EDT 2008


I just got back from a 3-day Editor's meeting of OWG-V.

Here's how the J3 and OWG-V schedule likely mesh together:

1. If we can get a draft for consideration for comments
    of the Fortran Annex for review at 185, that can be reviewed
    by OWG-V at their September/October meeting.

2. Feedback from OWG-V can be resolved at the November meeting,
    with WG5 in attendance.

3. Fortran can then have an Annex in the first DTR.

I hope to form a /OWGV subgroup at 185 and 186.


Dan Nagle

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