(j3.2006) J3 08-100r1 in m183 is the amended m182 minutes

Whitlock, Stan stan.whitlock
Mon Jan 28 12:00:45 EST 2008

08-100r1.txt is in the m183 pre-meeting.  08-100 is the minutes to m182
== 07-343.  If the amended minutes 08-100r1 pass at m183, then 08-100r1
should be copied back to the m182 area as 07-343r1 for completeness.


The m182 meeting minutes must be amended because of the way we voted to
recommend some former J3 members for emeritus status.  The 08-100
minutes currently read:


** motion: 07-318 "Nomination of emeritus members" [Snyder] amended

           to include Dick Hendrickson (Long/Nagle): passed

           yes = 9, no = 0, undecided = 0 {post r1}


The amended 08-100r1 minutes read:


** motion: 07-318 "Nomination of emeritus members" [Snyder]:

           "Nominate those former members named in 07-318 as

            emeritus members" [Snyder/Nagle]:

            passed yes = 9, no = 0, undecided = 0


            The amendment to nominate Dick Hendrickson was out of

            order, since he is still a member as of the time of the

            motion.  No revision to paper 07-318 is needed.


This will be voted on during J3 opening business at m183.


Thanks                                      /Stan

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