(j3.2006) calling a Fortran subroutine with BIND attribute--standard conforming or no?

Jim Xia jimxia
Fri Jan 18 14:45:52 EST 2008

The program is standard conforming as I understand it.  A procedure with 
BIND attribute must have an explicit interface, see [258:6].  Without 
explicit interface, the main program has no idea that you want the 
subroutine s to be a C procedure.  That's why you'll get both s and t as 
valid procedure names in your program.


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(j3.2006) calling a Fortran subroutine with BIND attribute--standard 
conforming or no?

I'm having trouble finding some language I expected to be in Fortran 2003.

Consider the program:

                 subroutine s() bind(c,name='t')
                 end subroutine s
                 call s()

I think that this program is not standard conforming.  Oh, it will run ok
on a processor that routinely translates subroutines named s into
routines with linker name t, but I doubt such processors exist!
Mostly I expect it will try to call a routine with linker name derived 
from "s"
(say, s_) and fail because user has supplied only a subroutine with linker
name t.

But I can't find any language in the standard that says this program
isn't standard conforming.  We seem to be defining a Fortran subroutine 
s with some extra attributes , and then calling that subroutine.
The extra attribute is the name by which the subroutine is known to the
companion processor, which is utterly irrelevant in this all-Fortran run.

Am I right that the name of the subroutine defined in lines 1-2 is "s" ?
Doesn't C1223 say that the procedure-designator in the CALL statement
shall be the name of the procedure, not the binding label ?
Where is there language saying that if we call a subroutine with an
unexpected binding label, an interface supplying the binding label 
must be in force?

                 --Michael I.
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