(j3.2006) Malcolm and dvips are exonerated

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Wed Jan 16 16:30:03 EST 2008

We have three identical Xerox 9300 printers.

Their settings were created one from another using the "copy" button in
the "system-config-printer" program in Centos 5 Linux.

On only one printer, the page is shifted downward by about one inch.

With 08-007.ps on the other two identical printers, there is no problem.

So Malcolm and his new TeX installation are exonerated.  He didn't get a
stealth A4 installation by installing a new TeX distribution (which has
happened to me, which is why I suspected it).  There's something screwy
about just one of our printers.  It does the same thing to SOME other
documents, including 07-007r3.ps (which I printed on that printer for
182), but others come out just fine.

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