(j3.2006) J3 Fortran interp letter ballot #15 - due 10-Feb-2008

Jim Xia jimxia
Fri Jan 11 17:19:02 EST 2008

 The following Fortran interpretations are being balloted:
Yes   No    Number     Title
-C-   ---   F03/0003   Referencing deferred bindings
-Y-   ---   F03/0004   Type-bound procedures and undefined association
-Y-   ---   F03/0079   Value of decimal exponent for a real zero value
-Y-   ---   F03/0080   Formatted output of a negative real zero value
-Y-   ---   F03/0099   Clause 16 does not account for volatile variable
-Y-   ---   F03/0100   Error in field width for special cases of signed
                        INFINITY output
-Y-   ---   F03/0102   Evaluation of bound-expr in data pointer
-C-   ---   F03/0103   Restrictions on dummy arguments not present for
                        polymorphic type or parameterized derived type
-Y-   ---   F03/0104   Deallocation and finalization of bounds-remapped
-Y-   ---   F03/0105   SIZE= specifier and UDDTIO
-N-   ---   F03/0106   Inquire by unit inconsistencies
-Y-   ---   F03/0107   Are the IEEE_* elemental routines required
-Y-   ---   F03/0108   Is IEEE_SUPPORT_NAN consistent with the other
                        IEEE_SUPPORT functions
-Y-   ---   F03/0109   Referencing deferred binding via absent dummy

Comments on F03/0003
   The example given in the interp has another error unrelated to the 
   raised: the type-bound procedure, deferred_proc, for type t2
   must have NOPASS attribute.  The example should be corrected.

Comments on F03/0103
       My only comment is that rules for optional dummy arguments of 
       polymorphic type or a type with assumed length type parameters seem
       much more relaxed compared to pointer/allocatable cases.  These 
       make the restrictions on optional pointer/allocatable optional 
       arguments too restrictive.

Comments on F03/0106
       The edit for NEXTREC= ( says "At [213:16], after 
'connection' ...".
       But I cannot find the word "connection" on that line, so I'm not 
       certain what the edit is trying to say.  Does it mean the word 
       at [213:15]?

Jim Xia

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