(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3529) N1711 - WG5 letter ballot 4 on Fortran 2003 interpretations

Michael Ingrassia michaeli
Thu Feb 28 13:44:27 EST 2008

Michael Ingrassia
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

The following Fortran 2003 interpretations are being balloted:


Yes   No   Number       Title

-Y-     ---    F03/0049    Separators in list-directed output involving
-Y-     ---    F03/0050    Questions about internal files  
-Y-     ---    F03/0086    Elemental and BIND(C)  
-Y-     ---    F03/0088    Defined operations/assignments and
-Y-     ---    F03/0089    Interoperability of non-BIND derived types
-Y-     ---    F03/0092    Procedure characteristics and unlimited
-Y-     ---    F03/0093    Allocatable array on intrinsic assignment
with scalar expr
-Y-     ---    F03/0094    Final subroutine and VALUE attribute  
-Y-     ---    F03/0095    Bounds remapped pointer assignment and
-Y-     ---    F03/0097    Blanks as separators in NAMELIST input 
-Y-     ---    F03/0098    Does allocate with source= define
-Y-     ---    F03/0101    Is UDDTIO output suitable for namelist and
list-directed input 

	--Michael I.

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