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Brian/Carolyn Smith carbess
Mon Feb 25 06:49:22 EST 2008

I am not sure who is supposed to qualify for this title and my memory of 
when I joined X3J3 is
poor.  Whenever it was, I was the SIGNUM representative from 1977-1978 
or so (I believe it
was the same meeting that at which Kurt joined) and  as the second 
meeting after the January meeting
in Texas (Austin, I believe) when there was a severe ice storm.  I 
continuously attend until the
year I moved to the University of New Mexico to chair the computer 
science department in January 1989
and then travel funds became very difficult for me, but I hung on with 
various people being my
alternates until 1999 or so after which funding by the university to 
attend the meetings became
impossible and I could no longer participate in any way.  As SIGNUM 
representative, I was asked
to work on the numeric features, particularly the environmental inquiry 
and kind precision, and range
proposal, following the initial work of Rex Page on this topic.  I was a 
subgroup head for a while
and then worked on the array group and what became the data group.  I 
also was responsible for
the initial draft of the expressions chapter for Fortran 90;

I hope this is helpful -- as I indicated, I have no idea whether I 
qualify for this title and have no preconveived
notion/feeling that I should be.  I just am most honored to have 
participated in a process that has
produced a very useful language for scientific computing and have 
supported it for that purpose in
my research and academic career, despite the attitude of my computer 
science colleagues and fellow faculty members.

Keith Bierman wrote:

>On Feb 22, 2008, at 6:53 AM, Jerry Wagener wrote:
>>Hello all -
>>I must have missed a note requesting info, but have seen Kurt's and
>>Loren's replies. Strange that INCITS can't call this info up from
>I believe they make a point of destroying records rather than  
>retaining them ... and certainly they've never been very advanced  
>about making databases ;>
>>their databases pronto. Here's the presumable relevant data for me:
>>member of the committee continuously 1977 - 1997, vice chair
>>1984-1991 (back in the days when the committee had a vice chair - the
>>position was eliminated around 1995, as I recall), and chair  
>I recall becoming an Observer in 1985 or thereabouts (when I was part  
>of Factorization Applications Inc), and stepped up to be Gary  
>Campbell's alternate in late 1988 (for Sun Microsystems) or perhaps  
>early 1989 and continued as primary member until I left the compiler  
>organization in 2000. I did two tours of duty as IR (don't recall the  
>precise dates).
>>Great to see everyone last week in Las Vegas.    -Jerry
>sorry I couldn't make it.
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