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Keith Bierman khbkhb
Fri Feb 22 10:42:13 EST 2008

On Feb 22, 2008, at 6:53 AM, Jerry Wagener wrote:

> Hello all -
> I must have missed a note requesting info, but have seen Kurt's and
> Loren's replies. Strange that INCITS can't call this info up from

I believe they make a point of destroying records rather than  
retaining them ... and certainly they've never been very advanced  
about making databases ;>

> their databases pronto. Here's the presumable relevant data for me:
> member of the committee continuously 1977 - 1997, vice chair
> 1984-1991 (back in the days when the committee had a vice chair - the
> position was eliminated around 1995, as I recall), and chair  
> 1991-1997.

I recall becoming an Observer in 1985 or thereabouts (when I was part  
of Factorization Applications Inc), and stepped up to be Gary  
Campbell's alternate in late 1988 (for Sun Microsystems) or perhaps  
early 1989 and continued as primary member until I left the compiler  
organization in 2000. I did two tours of duty as IR (don't recall the  
precise dates).

> Great to see everyone last week in Las Vegas.    -Jerry

sorry I couldn't make it.
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