(j3.2006) collect emeritus info

Loren P Meissner lpmeissner
Wed Feb 20 13:59:40 EST 2008

Thanks anyway, but I'm not sure the "great honor" of "emeritus-ship" is
worth all the trouble. Anyway here are some of the dates etc that I can

I was a Fortran Standards Committee member affiliated with Lawrence Berkeley
Lab from about 1977 till I left LBL in summer 1982. Then I was affiliated
with University of San Francisco some of the time between then and my
retirement in 1994. USF never provided much research and travel support so I
lost my membership several times and regained it, but not knowing I might
want to remember the dates more than 10 years later I did not write it all
down. Anyway my affiliation at the time I last attended a meeting as a
member would have been USF. I also attended a "reunion" at Las Vegas later
(Nov 2000), but I think I was no longer a member at that point.

My "extensive contribution" included many years as a voting member,
submitting several proposals that became part of the Standard (I think the
latest was to make relational operators generic so that the same code could
sort either numeric or character data); I was Secretary most of the time
from 1978 to 1982. I published a Fortran newsletter, at first supported by
research funds from LBL and later by subscriptions via Association for
Computing Machinery, one of whose principal features was explaining to the
interested public the ongoing activities of the Fortran Standards Committee
(X3J3 or whichever name it happened to be using at the moment). For these
and other professional activities on behalf of Fortran and programming
languages in general, I was awarded "The 1999 SIGPLAN Distinguished Service
Award" by the Special Interest Group on Programming Languages of the
Association for Computing Machinery."

If this is not enough information for INCITS, I think we should just forget
the whole thing and recognize that the only way to make this "emeritus"
thing work is to keep a separate record somewhere in case it is needed for
this purpose later on.

Best wishes. = LOREN


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Checking the reply from INCITS, it appears we need


- duration of service

- affiliation at last meeting attended

- "a more substantive description of their extensive contribution"

- date of retirement


If the candidates can provide that, I'll correlate it

and forward it to INCITS.  (I don't know how much puffery is needed

for the third, but please take a swing at it.)







Dan Nagle





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