(j3.2006) N1718 prepared

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Tue Feb 19 19:13:44 EST 2008

I printed some pages at 100% from acrobat (selected "None" from the
"Page Scaling" menu).  If I select "Auto Rotate and Center" the header
is only halfway onto the page, but if I don't select this, both the
header and footer are on the page.

The problem I had with 08-007 was caused by a too-helpful Xerox printer
becoming convinced it had A4 paper, when it in fact had US Letter paper.


On Tue, 2008-02-19 at 11:30 +0900, Malcolm Cohen wrote:
> Hi folks,
> N1718 aka 08-007r1 is now available in the Edit subdirectory
> of the j3-fortran.org ftp server, as
>    N1718.pdf.bz2
>    N1718.ps.bz2
> i.e. both bzip2-ed.
> It has paragraph numbers but no line numbers.
> It is formatted for A4 but should print ok on Letter according to
> the experiments I did while I was at the meeting.  You might get
> better output by using the PDF and actually telling AcroRead that
> you are printing on Letter (that's what I found anyway).
> (During my experiments I convinced AcroRead to print it at 100%
> resolution and at that time all the toner still ended up on the page
> and not too close to the binding margin, but just taking the normal
> defaults looked better so I don't recommend that unless you know what
> you are doing.)
> Perhaps someone (Van?) could print a couple of pages as a final check
> on printability: unless something has gone badly wrong I will move it
> to 08-007r1 tomorrow.
> Cheers,

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