(j3.2006) Fwd: INCITS EB Response to INCITS/J3 Nominations for Emeritus Membership (in071788) - Response Due March 14, 2008 - Action Item a08.057 from the January 2008 INCITS EB Meeting

Kurt W Hirchert hirchert
Tue Feb 19 14:41:17 EST 2008

Dan Nagle wrote:
> Hello,
> INCITS Board wants us to list the dates of service
> of the former members who we nominated
> for emeritus status.  Does anyone have a definitive source?
> Should we just ask the former members?
> "All around the bureaucracy bush the monkey chased the weasel..."
As one of those former members, let me suggest that our memories may be 
less than definitive.  I can remember the range of time I was active in 
[X3]J3, but I would have a great deal of difficulty remembering the 
exact times of those periods when I was not a member because of changing 
jobs or problems with support.

For definitive information, I would look at the membership reports in 
the minutes.  It looks like the oldest electronic minutes on the web 
site are from meeting 122 in August 1992, with the membership appendix 
extending back to meeting 114 in January 1990.  To go back further than 
that, you will need either to consult hardcopy, either paper records 
still in the hands of past and current members or the microfilm copies 
made by CBEMA/INCITS.  (I have this vague recollection that in the old 
days, the reps from Digital used to have access to the records of the 
previous reps.  Is there any chance Stan still has access to those 

Looking at the meeting 122 minutes, all nine nominees were already 
members.  It appears Keith became a member at meeting 119.  Walt had 
just rejoined at meeting 120, but his earlier stints go back to FORTRAN 
77.  Rich likewise appears to have joined meeting 120.  Oops, I see I 
was looking at the wrong Smith -- Brian wasn't a member at meeting 122, 
but I know his original membership goes back to meeting 66.  All the 
others predate that electronic version of the minutes.

What I do remember:
I joined at meeting 66 in January of 1979.  Brian joined at the same 
meeting.  Walt, Loren, and Jerry were already members.  Keith, Tom, 
Rich, and Mallory all came later.
My last meeting was meeting 165 in August of 2003, although my 
membership did not formally cease until some time in 2004 (when INCITS 
realized that no one was going to pay my fees for that year).

Does any of that help?


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