(j3.2006) J3 meeting 183 opening business

Whitlock, Stan stan.whitlock
Sat Feb 9 20:43:30 EST 2008

I will not arrive in Vegas for J3 meeting 183 until Monday afternoon,
12-Feb-2008.  Bill Long has graciously agreed to act as J3 secretary
until my arrival.  Here are some items for the meeting's opening
business, agenda topic 1.1:


*	Approval of meeting 182 minutes

	*	08-100r1 needs to be voted on as the amended minutes for
meeting 182:

>> amended 28-Jan-2008 to reword motion about paper 07-318;

>> 07-318r1 is not needed


	*	08-100 in the meeting 183 files is the same as 07-343 in
the meeting 182 files
	*	After 08-100r1 passes, it needs to be copied to m182,
renamed as 07-343r1


*	Beginning membership report

	*	Dick Hendrickson is no longer a member of J3
	*	Total Membership at beginning of Meeting 183 == 10
	*	Majority == 6
	*	Quorum == 4
	*	08-001 in the pre-meeting is the latest membership list
	*	08-012 is the latest "J3 friends" list


*	/interp subgroup comments

	*	Standing document 017 contains the interps passed for
F2003 Corrigendum 2 - it is 08-017 == 06-006T2r1 of m177 for interps for
F2003 Corr #2 N1664
	*	08-006A is the latest list of open interps, through
F03/0109 from m182.  It is missing F03/0110 from m182.  That will be in
08-006Ar1 after m183.
	*	Interp letter ballot #15 is in paper 08-101 - that
letter ballot closes tomorrow, 10-Feb, and not everyone has voted.  I
will provide a summary and status of the interps voted upon at m183.
	*	The m183 pre-meeting papers contain the following new

08-104 == F03/0111

08-120 == F03/0112

08-122 == F03/0113

08-123 == F03/0114


Thanks                          /Stan










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