(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3830) Old WG5 papers

John Reid John.Reid
Thu Dec 18 08:51:53 EST 2008


David has found electronic versions of the following papers

665.	Future Evolution of Fortran - version 2, March 1991 (Meek)
683.	Supplementary Change Document (Martin)
693.	Further Changes to DIS 1539 to Create IS 1539 (X3J3)
705.	The Future Evolution of Fortran (Schonfelder)
760.	Draft L12 Management Plan (Buckley, Martin, Philips, Rotthauser,
         Schonfelder, Wada, Wagener)
786.	Clarifications and Corrections to ISO/IEC 1539 : 1991 (Reid)
792.	Summary of N760 Comments (Martin)
793.	Straw Votes Suggested by Summary (Martin)
794.	Draft Proposed Replacement for N760 - Strategic Plan (Martin)
805.	Collateral Standards (Muxworthy)
970.	Repository of Requirements, February 1994 (Standing Document 5)
1040.	Allocatable derived-type components  [Revision of X3J3/94-202r2]
1060.	Repository of Requirements, September 1994 (Standing Document 5) (Reid)
1070.	Fortran 90 Defect Management Ballot Items, Nov 1994 (Shepherd)

and I have put them in the WG5 directory


on the WG5 web site.

Thanks for this, David.

If anyone else has old papers in electronic form, I would be delighted to add 
them - better than going to the trouble of scanning paper copies.

Happy Christmas!


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