(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3794) [ukfortran] Ballot on the technical content of the TR

Aleksandar Donev donev1
Tue Dec 9 13:18:50 EST 2008

On Tuesday 09 December 2008 03:40, N.M. Maclaren wrote:

> N1761 matches existing practice only if your implementation matches
> N1761, and we have had at least two vendors say that it doesn't match
> theirs. You have provided no evidence that it matches the majority of
> implementations.
We have gone over a list of vendors, their descriptors, and argument 
passing conventions, to the best of our knowledge, in Interop 
subrgroup, when you were NOT there. Sorry, I understand it is 
frustrating to have other's work that you dislike being sent to you for 
vote, but believe me, it is more frustrating for someone to come to us 
2 years after the fact and tell us that our design, which was done to 
match the original WG5 mandate, and tell us:
a) I want completely new functionality
b) I can do it soo much better
Just do it then and send a complete TR draft to us, please.

> The vast bulk of N1761 doesn't help even existing MPI, let alone help
> MPI to provide a real Fortran 2003 interface.
Craig was the official Fortran representative on the MPI-3 group, and 
has even attended some of their meetings. I don't think anyone is 
really authorized to comment on the whole "community" and 
give "representative" proposals. We try to do our best, that's all.


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