(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3793) [ukfortran] Ballot on the technical content of the TR

N.M. Maclaren nmm1
Tue Dec 9 13:10:23 EST 2008

On Dec 9 2008, Bill Long wrote:
>And how is that relevant to the TR?  There seems to be continued 
>confusion on this issue, so I'll repeat it one more time (and hopefully 
>only once more):  The vast bulk of the TR has nothing to do with MPI and 
>was never intended to have anything to do with MPI. The original mandate 
>for the TR, passed by WG5, is not about MPI.  

Unless and until you put something in that document stating what 
requirements it is intended to address, you will continue to cause such 
confusion. At the VERY LEAST, you should contain a reference to another 
document that says what your mandate is and why it was set up.

I remain completely in the dark about why you are attempting what you are
trying to do, which makes it very hard to comment effectively.  And please
note that I asked for the reasons and not a summary of your approach, which
I can reverse engineer from N1761.

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