(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3759) Response on the TR29113 draft N1761

Bill Long longb
Mon Dec 8 12:15:53 EST 2008

Reinhold Bader wrote:

      Issue 6 - referencing or defining assumed rank entities:

     We need some rules to deal with this.

There are rules currently - basically that the only thing allowed on the 
Fortran side is to pass an assumed-rank dummy as an actual argument to 
another procedure. Are you saying that the scope of the TR needs to be 
expanded to specify ways for things like this to be used in Fortran?  
Beyond the rank remapping already allowed for pointers?  Note that the 
main purpose of adding this feature was for MPI-like interfaces, where 
the only objective was to pass the object to a C function and give the 
function tools to correctly interpret the object.


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