(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3748) [POSSIBLE SPAM] May WG5/J3 meeting]]

John Reid John.Reid
Fri Dec 5 09:18:32 EST 2008

Bill Long wrote:
> If it matters, the old dates are in the J3 meeting 185 minutes (which 
> are approved and publicly available) and are in the draft 186 minutes I 
> sent to Stan.  If we change the dates, then at least Stan should 
> "repair" the 186 minutes.

OK. See also the minutes of the Feb. WG5 meeting (N1715, 9.1, para 5) where WG5 
expressed a preference for Monday 0800 to Friday 1200 with no excursion.

>> In view of the way we worked to the dot of 12 noon on Friday in Tokyo, 
>> should we
>> do the same in Las Vegas?
> Not a problem for me.  But, people need to know far enough in advance to 
> schedule flights accordingly.

This is my current plan. That is, I think we need 4.5 days rather than 4 days. 
Please say if this would give you a serious difficulty.


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