(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3728) Pictures from Tokyo meeting

TAKATA Masayuki takata
Wed Dec 3 22:20:06 EST 2008


I don't mind even if my most embarrassing yawn or something is in Steve's collection.  :-)
But, before you say you don't mind, you should better know that peeping other people's
lives is no longer a secret or malicious habit of some special kind of people.

These portraits are automatically collected using the names written besides the photos:

And, ordinary people who come to this site choose proper portraits, descriptions, and
attributes of the person, or strengthen the connections between people shown there, by
clicking meaningful links.  Initial links are made by co-occurrence and some heuristics.

There is an item for myself, which used to be incredibly accurate and I am trying to
confuse it making "noise".  :-)

There are many such "folksonomy" sites around.  Just for your information.


On 2008/12/02 5:38, Lionel, Steve wrote:
> I took a number of pictures of attendees at the Tokyo meeting and would 
> like to show them on the web with names attached.  Are there any 
> attendees who do not want their pictures shown in this manner?  I would 
> have them on Flickr with names in the descriptions.  What about pictures 
> showing spouses?
> It feels strange to have to ask this, but there are too many people and 
> companies scouring the web and collecting information on people in 
> photos.  In years past I would not have given it a second thought.
> Steve Lionel
> Developer Products Division
> Intel Corporation
> Nashua, NH

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