(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3722) [ukfortran] the interoperability TR - an alternative descriptor design

Bill Long longb
Wed Dec 3 18:18:43 EST 2008

N.M. Maclaren wrote:
> On Dec 3 2008, Aleksandar Donev wrote:
>>> If the objective is to handle
>>> solely assumed-shape, allocatable and pointer types of intrinsic element
>>> or target types
>> You mean "interoperable types" (intrinsic or derived)---this is what 
>> N1761 is meant to address?
> No, I meant what I said.  N1761 addresses solely the cases where the
> arguments are arrays of intrinsic element types, or pointers to intrinsic
> types.  It may be intended to address more, but I do not think that it
> does.

The arguments need to have interoperable types, but they can be either 
arrays are scalars (in the case of allocatable or pointer).  There is no 
restriction that they be intrinsic types.  Interoperable derived types - 
a concept already defined in Fortran 2003 -  are also supported, either 
scalars or arrays.  The new proposal adds interoperability of interfaces 
with dummy arguments that have the allocatable or pointer attribute, or 
are assumed-shape.  They allowed types of the arguments include all the 
ones already supported.  If you can show me where in N1761 it says that 
derived types are not supported, I'll be happy to fix the text.


> And my proposal doesn't handle derived types properly, either, but that can
> be solved in the same way that IBM PL/I on the System/370 did.  Anyway, that
> will probably have to wait until late January.
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