(j3.2006) Draft 1.90 of IEEE P754

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Mon Apr 28 14:36:54 EDT 2008

I've just received draft 1.90 of IEEE P754.  This reflects the small
number of comments on the ciruclation and ballot of draft 1.80.  Let me
know if you want a copy of draft 1.90, which is probably quite close to
the final revised standard.


>From Bob Zuras:

64 eligible people in this ballot group
57 Affirmative votes
5 Negative votes with comments
1 Abstention vote
63 votes = 91% affirmative: THIS BALLOT PASSED

Changes to the draft were minor is clarifying text notes and reversing
one change. We believe that there were no substantive changes in this
revision of the draft.  We have changed one "should" back to a "shall",
in section 5.3, that was inadvertently changed in the previous draft.  

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