(j3.2006) Usinig length parameters in component declarations

W. Van Snyder van.snyder
Thu Apr 24 02:33:40 EDT 2008

Is it my imagination, or do 08-007r2:C445 and C449 make it impossible to 
use length type parameters to declare array bounds or length attributes 
of components?

The problem is (appears to be) "every specification inquiry reference is 
an initialization expressiion".

According to 7.1.11p4(2) "A specification inquiry is a reference to ... 
a type parameter inquiry...."

According to 7.1.12p1(9) "An initialization expression is an expression 
... in which ... each primary is ... a kind type parameter of the type 
being defined."  There is no mention of length type parameters in 7.1.12.


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