(j3.2006) error in CD 1539-1

Bill Long longb
Tue Apr 22 16:34:24 EDT 2008

Robert Corbett wrote:
> I know of only one way for a procedure name to have an explicit
> interface without it having the EXTERNAL attribute. 

Right. Internal procedures have explicit interfaces, but do not have the 
EXTERNAL attribute.

> There might
> be others of which I am not aware.  In a subroutine or a function
> with a separate result variable, the interface of the subroutine
> or function is explicit, but it does not have the EXTERNAL
> attribute.  
True for internal procedures; not true for external procedures.

> Furthermore, as of Fortran 2003, it cannot be given
> the EXTERNAL attribute, see [264:2-3].

The text at [264:2-3] applies to external subprograms. This rule 
prevents giving the EXTERNAL attribute to the procedure name twice. [72:21].


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