(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3567) RE: [ukfortran] Letter ballot 5 on F2003 interpretations

Morgan, Steve J.S.Morgan
Tue Apr 8 03:47:51 EDT 2008

Hi John,

Here's mine...

Yes   No   Number     Title
-Y-   ---  F03/0003 Referencing deferred bindings
-Y-   ---  F03/0004 Type-bound procedures and undefined association status
-Y-   ---  F03/0079 Value of decimal exponent for a real zero value
-Y-   ---  F03/0080 Formatted output of a negative real zero value
-Y-   ---  F03/0100 Error in field width for special cases of signed
                      INFINITY output
-Y-   ---  F03/0104 Deallocation and finalization of bounds-remapped
-Y-   ---  F03/0106 Inquire by unit inconsistencies
-Y-   ---  F03/0107 Are the IEEE_* elemental routines required
-Y-   ---  F03/0108 Is IEEE_SUPPORT_NAN consistent with the other
                      IEEE_SUPPORT functions



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