(j3.2006) request for interpretation

Robert Corbett Robert.Corbett
Tue Apr 1 16:42:47 EDT 2008

Aleksandar Donev wrote:
> On Monday 31 March 2008 23:41, Robert Corbett wrote:
>> I already asked
>>the same question informally, and I received a mix of opinions from
>>committee members.
> Unless there was something off the list, I did not hear any mix. Everyone 
> pretty much agreed that the program was illegal: One cannot override, 
> exclude, or overload pieces of a generic...just add to one.
> If you need an official answer, then of course, submit the interp.
> Best,

Craig Dedo and Kurt W. Hirchert said the program was legal.  You and
Bill Long said it was not.  Kurt stated that he had written the text
that is now in Section specifically to allow this case.
After a careful reading, it is clear that that section of the
standard could be simpler if it did not allow for this case.

Bob Corbett

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