(j3.2006) Proposal from Pasadena Hilton for meeting at Caltech in August 08

Van Snyder van.snyder
Wed Oct 10 19:51:21 EDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-10-10 at 18:20 -0500, Bill Long wrote:
> In my past experience with Hilton hotels, the cost of internet access
> is quite high.  Did they provide a quote?

The quote says public areas, guest rooms, and meeting rooms have high-
speed wireless internet access, and meeting rooms have wired access as
well.  It doesn't mention a fee.  I'll ask the sales agent.

> Holding the meetings in a different place from where we stay wastes 
> travel time each day.  Could be just have the meeting at the hotel?

Caltech has offered free meeting rooms.  It only takes five to ten
minutes to get from the Hilton to Caltech.  I'll ask the sales agent
what price they can offer for a meeting room.  I wouldn't be surprised
by $1500/wk.

If we vote next month to have a meeting in Pasadena in Aug 08, we can
always change our mind if the Hilton doesn't offer us a good enough

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