(j3.2006) Questions on interp F95/030 in (FORTRAN 2003 TC1 WG5 N1636)

Bill Long longb
Tue Nov 27 13:54:26 EST 2007

Hi Jim,

A user can supply his own specific interfaces for an intrinsic generic.  
I think the paragraph just says that the compiler does not have to look 
ahead through the rest of the declarations to be sure that the user has 
not supplied a matching specific, and thus what appears to be a 
reference to an intrinsic function really is that.


Jim Xia wrote:
> I was updating my hard-copy of F2003 standard using WG5 N1636 
> (Technical corrigendum 1) when I noticed the following paragraph.
> I struggled to understand the point of this sentence: are we saying 
> that a user defined function call is allowed in an initialization 
> expression?  Subsequently I went through section 7.1.7 several times 
> and I can't find anywhere it lists a non-intrinsic function as an 
> initialization expression.  I tracked down the history of this interp 
> and it turned out very interesting: the question was originally asked 
> in paper 98-176 with regard to order requirement of specification 
> functions in specification expressions (I may have another interp on 
> the ordering requirement and will discuss it later).  The question 
> remained unanswered until 2004 when paper 04-312r1 was passed.  It 
> passed J3 letter ballot in 2004, recorded in paper 04-417r1.
> Am I missing something here?  Can someone please explain what this 
> paragraph really tries to say?
> Thanks,
> Jim Xia
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