(j3.2006) Questions on interp F95/030 in (FORTRAN 2003 TC1 WG5 N1636)

Jim Xia jimxia
Mon Nov 26 22:33:07 EST 2007


In my email, I was using an attachment of pdf format.  It seems that you 
can't see it.  In any case, the paragraph I quoted is the following:

[127:33+] f95/030
Subclause 7.1.7
Add the following paragraph immediately before Note 7.11.
If an initialization expression in a module includes a reference to a 
generic, that generic
shall have no specific procedures defined in the module subsequent to the 


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Michael Ingrassia <michaeli at ranma.sfbay.sun.com> 
11/26/2007 06:01 PM

Jim Xia/Toronto/IBM at IBMCA

Re: (j3.2006) Questions on interp F95/030 in (FORTRAN 2003 TC1 WG5 N1636)

>I was updating my hard-copy of F2003 standard using WG5 N1636 (Technical 
>corrigendum 1) when I noticed the following paragraph.

>I struggled to understand the point of this sentence:

Which paragraph?  I don't see anything between "the following paragraph."
and "I struggled to understand".

                 --Michael I.

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